The Week of October 30th

November Course Schedule

Monday, Wednesday – Sunday
Tee Times begin at 10:00 a.m.
The Practice Facility opens at 9:30 a.m.

Golf Course & Operations CLOSED

Frost Delays

We are now in that time of year where there is potential for frost in the mornings. frost footprints

PLEASE STAY OFF THE GRASS if there is frost. If you walk on the grass when there is frost, it will kill it. Please be on the look out.

In doubt if we are on a frost delay? Call the Golf Shop to verify before your tee time.
Thank you for helping do your part in keeping Harmony beautiful!

[email protected]
(970) 482-4653

Harmony Holiday Party – Save the Date

Friday, December 8, 2017Christmas candles
6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Cost – TBD

Join us for our annual Harmony Holiday Party! We will be gathering for a cup of Holiday cheer and good fun with our fellow members. Don’t miss this joyous occasion!

Sign up deadline: November 30th

[email protected]
(970) 482-GOLF (4653)

Harmony Blog

Check out Harmony’s new blog….In Harmony! You’ll be glad you did.

Go to and check it out.

[email protected]
(970) 4224-4622

Golf Shop Credit

Hangers Do you have unused Golf Shop Credit? Don’t forget to stop by the cabin and pick up merchandise before it’s too late!

All Golf Shop Credit will expire at the end of the year. You earned it, now it’s time to come out and use it!

Not finding what you need in the Golf Shop? Ask a member of the staff, and we can special order what you need; from Sun Mountain Bags, to Club Glove travel covers, shirts and more.

(970) 482-GOLF (4653)
[email protected]

Blood Drive

Gift Of Love From Harmony.
Giving Blood, Giving L

Giving blood’s a selfless act,
You give your blood,
Get nothing back.
Except, of course,
That’s quite untrue.
Donating blood
Does lots for you.
It makes you feel
Warm inside,
And justly filled
With righteous pride.
You think of where
Your blood will go,
And get great pleasure
As it flows
Out of your arm,
For others’ use.
It’s beautiful
Life-giving juice.
It’s not a lot
To give away
But might help someone
Live a day
They wouldn’t have
Seen otherwise,
Or your might save
A mother’s cries
As she rocks
A child who’s sick
Saved by
‘Just a little prick’
And half an hour
Of your day
Spent in the most
Rewarding way.

Please join us this year to give the GIFT OF LIFE by donating blood for our
Sat. December 9th
9 am-3 pm

Garth Englund Blood Center will have 2 mobile units at the Harmony Pavilion (they can collect blood from 6 people every 15 min.) Blood collected goes to PVH, Harmony Cancer Center and MCR.

Each pint of Blood donated saves 2 lives. When you give blood … you give another birthday, another anniversary, another night under the stars, another laugh, another hug, another chance.

Sign up at http:/
Click HERE to download and fill out the pre-registration form to save time!

(970) 224-4622
[email protected]